What is a Host Club?

A space you can enjoy, regardless of age, occupation, or nationality

A host club is a type of entertainment establishment, popular in Japan, where male "hosts" cater to female customers. This can best be likened to a modern day male geisha.

So why pay to drink with guys you don’t know? This is because of the "princess experience". In these clubs, charming and attentive young men, known as hosts, provide companionship, conversation, and entertainment to female clients, typically over alcoholic drinks and snacks, which is an experience at a place independent from daily life.

*Prices have changed and updated, and may be subject to further change

Being able to pay for such pampering has been seen as a sign of wealth and high-status as was with the Geisha in the Edo period in Japan.

Due to the distribution of wealth in modern day Japan most people can afford to go sometimes if they please, at Smappa! Group we believe everyone deserves the "princess experience" at least once in their life. The hosts are trained to create a fun and engaging atmosphere, often flirting and complimenting the customers, making them feel special and appreciated.

About Smappa! Group

A new world that begins at nightfall...
Creating a world that beats in the heart of every woman

From dusk, time passes differently from that of the world bathed in the light of the day... people's minds turn inwards rather than outwards. People begin to think about life, about love, about secrets… The cover of darkness sometimes gives us the opportunity to become closer to someone. Sometimes alone, sometimes by relying on a small light, you can have an intimate conversation with someone and become closer to them at night.

While the day is for reality, the night is where we live for dreams. Only in that closed time and place can you free your mind and body and forget about everyday life. We at Smappa! Group would like to provide high-quality entertainment where you can fully experience the charm of nightlife. We would like to create a unique "new night" that echoes in the heartbeat of every woman. To achieve this, the Smappa! Group strives to keep the following five things in mind every day as we interact with all of our customers.

We create a night for the new wave of women

We will create a place where women who have had no connection to the night world can easily visit. We provide an opportunity for all women to have fun with peace of mind, experiencing hospitality and manners that are comparable to those at a hotel. What do you need as a gateway to the night world? That’s a question we keep asking ourselves.

We create nights where you can experience new emotions

We create nights where you can encounter fun and love that you can't get in everyday life. We aim to sway our customers to an even higher level of emotion, and in order to do that, everyone has to really enjoy themselves. Emotions can only be conveyed when two people resonate with each other.

We create nights that build new relationships

What kind of person should a host be to a customer? Not a boyfriend, not a husband, not a son. Our staff aim to be someone who can fill the hole in that person's heart. Always changing, building new relationships that only Smappa! Group hosts can create.

We create a reason to be proud in the night world

In this line of work, we are not only concerned with results but also with our processes and principles. For each and every person working here to live their lives with pride, both as hosts and as members of society. Never cheat, never lie and never betray your friends. By maintaining these pillars of honesty, we will always have the trust of our customers.

We create a night world people want to be a part of

The Smappa! Group aims to be a place where many different people with different personalities come together under one common goal. While placing importance on accomplishing things as a team, we create an environment that new people always want to join. In this way, we will work hard to become the best team, where each individual continues to grow.

Maki Tezuka

Maki Tezuka is the Chairman of `Smappa! Group,' which has over 20 host clubs, bars, restaurants, beauty salons and more in Kabukicho.
Standing director of the Kabukicho Shopping District Promotion Association. JSA certified sommelier.

Started working in Kabukicho in 1997, worked as a number one host, then became independent.

Maki Tezuka also started the host volunteer group "Yacho no Kai" with his friends. While he is involved in late-night street cleaning activities, he also serves as a director of the nonprofit organization "Green Bird." He opened Kabukicho's first bookstore, "Kabukicho Book Center" (now closed), and runs a nursing care business based on the spirit of hospitality he cultivated in the customer service industry. In April 2019, we invited the then "Night Mayor" of Amsterdam, Shamiro van der Geld, to discuss the future of the nighttime economy. He has also given lectures to high school and university students and at the Center for Gender Equality.


We also have hosts who can provide services in English.
Some can speak Chinese. Feel free to contact us through the form below.

  • CURE

    Kanroji Byakuya

Service and Price

We aim to create a safe space where you can relax

Sometimes the fees and prices of host clubs is unclear... In order to eliminate such concerns, at Smappa! Group, we have made some fixed price reservation plans so you don’t have to worry!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or through our contact page.

Customers visiting Smappa! Group stores for the first time can choose
from three fixed-price plan types to enjoy the experience.

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Host Club Wine Experience


This is a plan where you can enjoy 6 types of wine carefully selected by a sommelier at an exceptional price at Smappa! Group's main store "SMAPPA! HANS AXEL VON FERSEN", which is sure to get you excited with its luxurious interior.

Our group's exclusive sommelier will serve you the perfect wine according to the weather, temperature, and mood of the day, so enjoy delicious wine while enjoying conversation with your host!

This will be just like any other host club experience except with tasty wine.

*Prices are fixed and will not increase or change without additional purchases. if such purchases are made, you will be notified if something is outside the agreed-upon menu.

Host Club Experience Plan


This is a tour plan where you can experience each of the host clubs that Smappa! Group has to offer.
If you are interested in host clubs but don’t know where to go, we are here to help.

At the host club, you can enjoy a conversation with the host while drinking.

This is a set flat-rate fee.
For those who don't know Kabukicho, we also provide a service where a guide will pick you up nearby Kabukicho and escort you to the store.
You can relax and have fun even if you are alone or traveling from afar as a tourist.

Host Club Visit Plan

No reservation requred

Special price for first-time customers only!
A 1-hour all-you-can-drink experience (per person, tax included) only 2,000 yen

*Smappa Groups' SMAPPA! HANS AXEL VON FERSEN is 3,000 yen
*Admission prices and conditions for male customers vary depending on the store.

This is a fixed-rate plan that does not require reservations. Please visit us whenever you like.
However, you may not be able to enter the store during busy times or special events.
We recommend that you call each store directly to confirm whether you can enter the store at your desired time.

As a bonus, you will receive an all-you-can-drink service.
Unless you separately order drinks and food that are not eligible for the all-you-can-drink menu, you will not be charged more than the listed price.
In addition, hosts serving customers will not encourage customers to order alcoholic beverages that are not part of the all-you-can-drink menu plan.

This fixed-rate plan does not allow you to request a host. The hosts who will be seated with you will change at regular intervals.
Keep in mind who you would like to designate as your host for your second visit going forward, and have fun chatting!

・No time extensions allowed
・If you are unable to decide on a host and come to our store for the second time without designating a host, the fee will be 5,000 yen (tax included). You must select your designated host from the third time onwards.

Plan Comparison

Host club Visit Plan Host club Wine Experience Plan
Concept An experience you can enjoy at a reasonable price, for those interested in host clubs. An exceptionally enjoyable plan with 6 types of wine carefully selected by our sommelier. Served with light snacks.
Fee 5,000 yen per person 10,000 yen per person
Stores One store designated by our company SMAPPA! HANS AXEL VON FERSEN
Time 60 minutes 120 minutes
Alcohol / drinks All-you-can-drink shochu and wine (red and white) (specified by our store 6 types of wines carefully selected by sommeliers (3 types of sparkling wine, white wine, and 3 types of red wine.)
Food Additional options are available. We serve food to accompany the wine. Additional options are available.
No. Of people 1-4 people 1-4 people

Contact and Booking

Please use the contact form below to reach us

Mail Address
Number of visitors
Date & Time

Host Clubs and Pop culture

High School Host Club - and a Comparison with Modern Host Clubs

For those unfamiliar with Japan's unique service industry, the existence of "host clubs" might have been introduced through manga. Ouran High School Host Club is one such manga based around the theme of host clubs. Although popular internationally, we will explore the differences and similarities between the fictional host club in the manga and real host clubs.

Ouran High School Host Club" was serialized in the Japanese magazine "LaLa" from 2002 to 2010. It gained popularity worldwide, being published in 18 countries. The manga was adapted into an anime, with international releases featuring dubbed versions. It also became a game in Japan, and there was a live-action drama and movie adaptation.

The plot of Ouran high school Host club: Haruhi Fujioka, a female first-year student at the prestigious Ouran High School attended by elite families, accidentally breaks an expensive vase and incurs a massive debt. To repay it, Haruhi becomes the errand person for the host club, a club that entertains female students. Due to Haruhi's androgynous appearance, the club decides to make Haruhi cross-dress as a host, with the condition that the debt will be forgiven if Haruhi fulfills a certain quota of customer requests.

Host Image

In the context of a school setting, the host club is described as consisting of "beautiful boys with too much time, entertaining idle female students." However, in reality, host clubs involve adult men, regardless of educational background, entertaining female customers with jokes and conversation. Recent issues have arisen due to exorbitant charges, and the aristocratic social gathering image depicted in the manga may not accurately represent the current state of host clubs.

System Differences and Similarities:

The host club in the manga operates on a system of "Free service fees, nomination fees, and complimentary food and drink," combined with a "point system where customers receive preferential treatment based on the amount spent in online auctions."

While the actual host clubs do charge for services, the concept of preferential treatment based on expenditure is common in both the manga and real host clubs."

Host Club Members and Real Hosts:

"The beautiful boys in the host club have various personalities.

Tamaki has a typical boy's manga hero type personality, and Kyoya has a cool personality. "There are other characters with cool, aggressive, cute, and cunning traits. These characteristics align with the diversity of personalities found in actual host clubs, as hosts aim to differentiate themselves based on their unique qualities so you can recognize these differences in characteristics by talking to them.

Why not actually go to a host club and check it out for yourself?

Appearance Building on the previous discussion, the level of customer service and attitude can vary among hosts. Now, turning to the aspect of physical appearance, how do modern hosts compare?

In contrast to the hosts depicted in "Ouran High School Host Club" from 2002 to 2010, contemporary hosts are often referred to as "neo-hosts" and embody entirely different aesthetic standards. While the hosts of the past favored suits and spiky hairstyles, today's hosts lean towards a cleaner look reminiscent of Japanese or Korean idols. Their more neutral and beautiful appearance might draw some parallels with the characters in the manga. It wouldn't be surprising to encounter individuals in the present day who evoke the qualities of characters like Tamaki and Kyoya.

We hope this comparison sheds light on the fictional portrayal of host clubs in "Ouran High School Host Club"" and the realities of contemporary host clubs. Fans of the manga may find it intriguing to explore an actual host club and witness firsthand the dynamics of this unique service industry.

Looking into modern host clubs

We will introduce real Youtube content that you can use to learn about host clubs! These days, in Japan, Kabukicho's “Host Clubs” have branched out into literature and manga, turned into TV shows etc. There is no shortage of topics to talk about. A host club is a club where men entertain women and serve them alcohol. Host clubs themselves have been recognized as night work for men in Japan since before the advent of the internet, but it wasn't until the common use of social media such as YouTube that the general public became able to see what they actually were like. Youtube channels related to host clubs have a variety of content, from those run by host club management companies/stores to documentaries closely focused on hosts from various companies.

Looking into modern host clubs

High School Host Club - and a Comparison with Modern Host Clubs

We will introduce real Youtube content that you can use to learn about host clubs!
These days, in Japan, Kabukicho's “Host Clubs” have branched out into literature and manga, turned into TV shows etc. There is no shortage of topics to talk about. A host club is a club where men entertain women and serve them alcohol.
Host clubs themselves have been recognized as night work for men in Japan since before the advent of the internet, but it wasn't until the common use of social media such as YouTube that the general public became able to see what they actually were like.
Youtube channels related to host clubs have a variety of content, from those run by host club management companies/stores to documentaries closely focused on hosts from various companies.

Recommended channels where hosts are on Youtube:

① Hoslogy

A channel that infiltrates various host clubs and shows the actual situation of customer interactions and business operations. Recommended for those who want to see a variety of hosts and customers.


A wide-ranging documentary channel that covers not only the business scenes of hosts, but also the behind-the-scenes aspects of the host club, conflicts, human drama, and daily life.


One could confidently state that Roland, the legendary host, boasts the title of the most well-known personality in Japan. Frequently featured on TV and in various media outlets, Roland also engages in entrepreneurial endeavors.

④ Mio Yashiro TV

The personal channel of "Sha Mio", the chairman of "Fuyutsuki Group Holdings", one of the largest groups in Kabukicho. You can see the management landscape of the group that operates all over Japan and the hosts who work for it.

⑤ Hoschiru “Host Children”

A channel managed by a trio of dynamic hosts has gained popularity thanks to their sales-related content. On this channel, viewers can explore diverse projects from the unique perspective of the hosts.

Why do hosts use Social Media?

①To acquire customers

There are two ways to experience a host club: "nominating" a specific guy you like or having a "first time" where you are served by an unspecified number of hosts for a brief period.
In essence, hosts compete for women who visit for the "first time" to establish them as regular, "designated" customers, thereby generating profits.
As a result, hosts have increasingly utilized social media to attract customers, aiming to boost their clientele, even beyond those who come in for the first time.

② For name recognition and popularity

Customers not only about visual appearance and hospitality, but also about name recognition and popularity. Women, who are customers, are happy that their designated host is as popular as a celebrity. Of course, popularity also leads to sales.
So here are some Youtube channels related to modern host clubs! With Smappa! Group tours and experiences, you can easily enjoy host clubs with bilingual staff too!! Please come and visit us.